For four decades, Mabarex has remained steadfast in its commitment to water conservation, an indispensable and precious natural asset.

The team wholeheartedly embraces environmental concerns, striving to provide comprehensive support that empowers businesses to play their part. Mabarex takes immense pride in its talented team, which continually fosters innovation to deliver optimal solutions in terms of products and services. This unwavering dedication has allowed Mabarex to cater to its customers’ evolving needs throughout the years. As pioneers in the field, Mabarex introduced groundbreaking processes to Quebec, and the advent of new projects fills us with excitement as we push the boundaries of our capabilities and explore emerging technologies. 

Let us Unite in our Efforts to Safeguard this Invaluable Resource!

A staggering 8 billion

litres of water

Looking ahead to 2023, Mabarex forecasts the treatment of an additional 8 billion litres of water, ensuring the preservation of our resources and adherence to environmental standards in the treatment process. To put it in perspective, this equates to treating around 100,000 in-ground swimming pools annually!

When we claim that our team has been making a profound impact for over forty years, it’s a statement founded on absolute truth.