About Mabarex

Founded in 1983, Mabarex is a leading designer and developer of wastewater, drinking water and industrial water treatment systems. Our team of experts accompanies our customers at every stage of their projects: from the preliminary analysis phase, through the design and construction phases, right up to the commissioning and operation of high-performance water treatment plants.

Alongside delivering comprehensive water treatment solutions, Mabarex provides an extensive array of services, collaborating with essential partners to optimize the capabilities of your plants or facilities. Through these strategic partnerships with reputable providers, we are empowered to offer cutting-edge treatment solutions tailored to various sectors such as municipal, food processing, mining, commercial, institutional, real estate, landfill sites, and other industries.

Canadian innovation by
sound treatment management
water, in full preservation of the environment.

Qui sommes-nous ?

Depuis 1983, Mabarex conçoit et réalise des systèmes de traitement des eaux usées, potables et industrielles. L’équipe de Mabarex accompagne ses clients à toutes les étapes d’un projet : de la phase d’étude préliminaire, en passant par les phases de conception et de réalisation, jusqu’à la mise en route et l’opération d’usines performantes de traitement des eaux.

L’innovation canadienne par
une saine gestion de traitement
des eaux, en toute préservation de l’environnement.

En plus de fournir des solutions intégrées de traitement des eaux, Mabarex offre toute une gamme de services en travaillant conjointement avec des partenaires clés pour maximiser le potentiel de vos installations. Ces alliances stratégiques avec des fournisseurs réputés permettent d’offrir des solutions de traitement à la fine pointe de la technologie, tous secteurs d’activités confondus (municipal, transformation alimentaire, minier, commercial, institutionnel, immobilier, lieux d’enfouissement et autres industries.

What sets us apart?


Our expertise is further highlighted by our in-depth analysis of your needs, considering your existing infrastructure and integrating our technologies and those of our partners to offer the most optimal water treatment process. In this preliminary phase, we work closely with you to plan the next stages of your project.


Drawing on an extensive network of water treatment experts, Mabarex implements innovative, high-performance solutions. We work closely with specialized consulting firms and contractors, combining in-house technology with trusted alliances to create a unified team approach.


Thanks to the experience and skills of our team of water treatment specialists, Mabarex is even able to operate your water treatment projects, advise you on the equipment to choose, and provide a service that safeguards your investment. Mabarex is committed to water efficiency, ensuring that your operations are carried out with total peace of mind.

Mabarex a réalisé plus de 1500 projets au Québec, au Canada ainsi qu’au-delà des frontières : Europe, Afrique et Asie.


Mabarex has successfully carried out over 1,500 projects across Quebec, Canada, as well as in Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Our History

Established in 1983, Mabarex emerged in a thriving Quebec market, where water treatment suppliers and contractors sought a fresh approach. Recognizing the scarcity of available resources in the field, Mabarex seized the opportunity to develop its own technologies and offer process engineering services like no other in the field.

The company’s growth has been fuelled by key collaborations and partnerships with highly experienced professionals, forming an impressive team with renowned qualifications that have shaped the present-day Company. With people, human ingenuity and talent as its primary assets and sources of added value, Mabarex prioritizes the interplay between individuals, fostering the growth of eco-responsible solutions and establishing itself as a reputable, results-driven company.

Driven by a commitment to exemplary customer service, numerous large-scale projects have opened doors to new development opportunities, as well as the creation of innovative technologies property of Mabarex.

This unwavering commitment to quality serves as the driving force behind the Mabarex team’s dedication to innovation and the pursuit of the best environmental practices.

With over 40 years of experience, a Board of Directors with a wealth of expertise and visionary shareholders, where environmental preservation remains a top priority, Mabarex is an industry name that is synonymous with success.

Our Mission

Providing peace of mind to our customers by enhancing the value of water is at the heart of our mission, which is embodied in our team spirit, our business relationships and our day-to-day approach to customers and business relationships.

Our Vision

We envision being the Canadian company with the best reputation in its field, and with over 40 years’ experience in the sector, mastering the latest technologies in wastewater treatment is our guiding principle as we strive to provide our customers with the best possible advice and service.

Our Values

Mabarex’s values place a strong emphasis on people, because first and foremost, people are what Mabarex is all about.
Professionalism Customer satisfaction hinges on consistent, meticulous, and high-quality work.
Collaboration and Teamwork We believe in collaborative efforts to define optimal solutions for our customers.
Creativity Our passion for the job propels us to continuously surpass ourselves.
Integrity and Honesty These core values have been integral to Mabarex since its inception in 1983.
Employee Well-being  We recognize the importance of our employees, who are what define Mabarex.

Our Team

Mabarex stands out for its technical expertise, adaptability, and human-centric approach to providing solution-oriented services.