Our Services

Mabarex takes pride in offering a diverse array of services and harnessing cutting-edge technologies to cater to the needs of our industrial, municipal, and institutional clients. Our approach is characterized by turnkey system design and implementation, ensuring adaptability to market changes while preserving customer investments and resources. We believe that technology alone is not the only solution or tool for development. The true strength of Mabarex lies in our team’s ability to integrate our own technologies and those of our partners into an optimal treatment approach, effectively addressing the complex challenges of the market. At Mabarex, it is the quality and range of our trusted network of suppliers that plays a vital role in enabling us to establish strong connections and offer the best services and products for all water and sludge treatment situations.

Water Management

Effective water management remains a top priority, particularly when it comes to plant upgrades or construction projects. Mabarex’s water management services focus on cost reduction, minimizing impact on cash flow, and providing expertise in water treatment. Our diagnostic assessments aim to optimize your installations, design customized solutions, and offer comprehensive management of your water management systems and facilities.


Mabarex’s team of technical experts specializes in assessing, optimizing, and designing wastewater treatment facilities. We offer diagnostic assessments and a support team to help you choose the best solution for your specific needs. Our expertise focuses on improving performance, maximizing plant/facility capacity, and reducing operating costs, while also ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, a core value in evaluating the most effective water treatment solutions.


Our team members at Mabarex possess the expertise and qualifications necessary to operate, maintain, and manage your water treatment system, always prioritizing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Whether it is providing support for regulatory compliance, asset management, system optimization, emergency equipment support, site-specific emergency plans, remote monitoring, database management, or online communication tools, our resources are readily available to offer prompt assistance.

Turnkey Projects

At Mabarex, we understand that each customer has unique needs. That’s why we focus on thoroughly assessing those needs, from design and equipment supply to the commissioning of your water treatment plant. Our turnkey project offering includes not only training for your personnel but also post-deployment follow-up to ensure your operations, whether on-site or remotely, are a success. In managing the projects entrusted to us, our team meticulously evaluates all the factors necessary for a seamless implementation of the selected solution, always aiming for the most cost-effective approach.


Mabarex provides solutions for the sale and rental of specialized equipment to meet the flexibility and rapid implementation needs of our customers. This allows access to compelling alternatives, especially in urgent contexts that organizations may face.


With Mabarex’s ability to develop its own technologies and leverage our extensive supplier network, we can cater to your specific wastewater treatment needs through equipment rental services, including mobile units or specialized equipment.


With our comprehensive range of replacement parts and equipment for our proprietary technologies and those of our partners, we offer a complementary service that guarantees your peace of mind and results. Our prompt and efficient service ensures that you maximize the value of your investment, delivering a truly turnkey experience!


When it comes to upgrading wastewater treatment facilities, Mabarex offers comprehensive services to upgrade or adapt equipment designs, or even replace equipment based on your organizational requirements. Our team can provide expert advice on various processes, such as biological, physico-chemical, membrane technologies, while bearing in mind the regulatory guidelines for water and sludge treatment and management.