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Destruction of PFAS (Forever Pollutants) Mabarex and the city of Saguenay Pioneers.

Montreal, November 17, 2023 – A first in Quebec. Mabarex obtains a $10 million contract from the City of Saguenay for the destruction of PFAS in drinking water. In the coming months, Mabarex will dispatch three temporary WaterSurplus units that will allow treatment to begin in January 2024 for a period of 4 years.

A study by the University of Montreal published at the end of February showed that several cities in Quebec have perfluorinated levels above Health Canada’s recommendations. The City of Saguenay was one of the cities concerned and reacted quickly by tackling this contaminant.

The City of Saguenay launched a call for tenders in August 2023 to meet this urgent need to treat the city’s drinking water.

Mabarex, known for its agility in deploying integrated solutions, called on its partner WaterSurplus to develop an offer that would allow it to respond quickly to the city’s needs while presenting a proven technology.

“Our team is very proud to pave the way for PFAS treatment technologies and thus contribute to the protection of health and the environment. This is exactly what we’ve done previously with the introduction of other technologies such as MBBR (Moving bed biofilm reactor) and MBR (Membrane bioreactor), this time it’s a PFAS technology!” Georges Szaraz, CEO of Mabarex.

“We have become one of the leaders in the U.S. marketplace in providing rapid deployment of temporary and permanent PFAS treatment solutions, and we are honored to partner with Mabarex and the City of Saguenay to provide the first PFAS removal system in Quebec,” John Barelli, CEO WaterSurplus.

About Mabarex

Mabarex is a 100% Quebec-based company founded in 1983, specializing in water treatment. It offers sustainable solutions to its industrial, municipal and government customers and partners. The Mabarex team is made up of engineers and scientists who do not hesitate to offer proprietary technologies and those from its extensive network. Mabarex is a pioneer in Quebec by having integrated several flagship and avant-garde treatment technologies.

About WaterSurplus

WaterSurplus delivers sustainable water treatment solutions across industries and around the world. Since its founding in 1989, innovation has been the hallmark of WaterSurplus. Today that is represented by high-efficiency Impact RO reverse osmosis systems, fouling-resistant NanoStack membrane elements, rapid-response PFAS treatment, pre-engineered filtration systems, a proprietary line of catalytic media, a ready-to-run rental fleet, and the availability advantage provided by WaterSurplus’s original surplus water treatment equipment marketplace.

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Georges Szaraz:
Chief Executive Officer