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LANDFILL SITES Wastewater treatment

In Québec alone, Mabarex has supplied more water treatment systems for landfills than all our competitors combined. This expertise makes Mabarex the go-to partner for the waste management industry when problem situations arise.

Landfills are, by definition, depositories of all sorts of residual materials, producing leachate whose composition varies substantially over time and from site to site. Leachate must be collected and treated before it is discharged into the environment.

Recently, we built a 1000 m³/day-capacity leachate water treatment system at a landfill and composting site using a biological treatment system based on our proprietary suspended media bio-reactor (SMBR™) technology, which removes organic contaminants, ammoniacal nitrogen, and suspended solids.

SOLID WASTE treatment

Canada’s regulations and policies target greenhouse gas reductions through measures such as reducing volumes of household waste in landfills. Mabarex endorses this trend and has been working in this direction for years.

We are actively developing solutions to extract organic materials from waste and to treat them.

Our search for the best solution in this field led us to Orex™, a solution developed by Canadian firm Anaergia. This proven technology has been used successfully at multiple facilities in Europe and North America. Technological advances mean that we can now access100% of organic materials from waste, without citizen pre-sorting.

We have also been involved in repurposing organic materials in Quebec’s first large biogas production plant, with the Hybagpretreatment system – designed, supplied, and installed by Mabarex. This system enables the plant to extract, clean, and condition organic matter in commercial waste. After extraction, organic compounds undergo anaerobic digestion for biogas production.

Moreover, we use the Anaergia technologies and know-how acquired through work on 1,600 facilities all over the world to process organic materials via anaerobic digestion.

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