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fillière de traitement pour municipalité

We have been meeting the water treatment needs of municipalities, regional county municipalities, and other communities for over 35 years.

We provide municipalities with the full suite of technologies they need to operate and upgrade water treatment facilities of all shapes and sizes.

Our systems are used for municipal water treatment around the world, from rural communities to major urban centres. Below is an overview of our own proprietary technologies which are complemented by a sizeable portfolio of technologies from our partners:

  • Pre-treatment equipment
  • Air diffusion systems
  • Aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment systems
  • Tertiary systems
  • UV and ozone disinfection systems
  • Sludge drying and dewatering systems
  • Solid waste handling and processing systems

To learn more, see our Technologies section.

Mabarex designs, supplies, installs, and commissions water treatment systems and guarantees their performance. We can also train your staff and oversee operations, onsite or remotely.

We can perform a full test of your current system, including equipment and parts inspection, to provide an accurate assessment.

As part of our commitment to building long-term relationships with clients we supply replacement parts and technical services as needed.

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