Mine sites need world-class systems to treat process, waste, and drinking water. Most mines are located far from urban centers. Some of the major challenges include extreme weather conditions, significant fluctuation in water quality, and a range of contaminants.

When it comes to maximizing uptime, nothing can be left to chance. Mabarex has designed, manufactured, and installed full mine site treatment plants-compact, containerized, heavy-duty, reliable systems for process and wastewater that meet the most stringent discharge standards.

Wastewater treatment systems can be adapted for mining exploration and construction camps, or for permanent facilities.

Due to high levels of contamination and fluctuation in water quality, every mining facility requires a custom water treatment system. Systems are designed to ensure that treated effluents meet the applicable standards.

Mabarex has designed, manufactured, and implemented a number of water treatment facilities in northern Canada, including a diamond mine where we had the entire water system up and running in just 6 months, with the capacity to serve an 800-person camp. For the same mine, Mabarex also designed, manufactured, and commissioned all equipment needed to treat the mine’s process water.

The success of these projects hinged on the Mabarex team’s agility in designing and executing multiple steps in a challenging environment with a demanding timeframe.

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The challenge was to design, build and start up a treatment process within 6 months, at temperatures as cold as -40°C.

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