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The Mabarex story begins in 1983, when a number of suppliers in the water treatment industry were eager to break into the Quebec market. Mabarex got its start assisting manufacturers in this capacity, opening the market to suppliers like Aeration Industries and GE.

But we soon realized that certain key products simply weren’t available. The answer was to create our own, starting with heavy-duty screening solutions, grit removal systems, and small clarifiers. Mabarex then had the capacity to handle the entire process engineering lifecycle.

Through every major phase of growth, Mabarex has been fortunate to benefit from the support of talented professionals who are true leaders in their field. From day one, our stellar team has created the winning conditions for us to grow into the full-service provider of turnkey solutions we are today. Building on its past successes, Mabarex today stands ready to support its clients through every project phase.

In recent years, our expertise in dewatering equipment (centrifuges, belt filters, and screw presses) for sludge dehydration has paved the way for new uses for solid waste. One of our projects, for the city of St-Hyacinthe, involved extracting organic materials and repurposing them as biogas and compost.

Since its foundation by Louis Barré, Mabarex has continued to grow and expand. Today, with a new ownership and management team, the tradition of excellence lives on.

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